How to Create a Successful Automated Webinar in 3 to 7 Days using the WPB™ Formula

The Webinar Prosperity Blueprint™ (WPB™) was Created by Observing
the data, actions and outcomes of Over 30 Million Webinar Attendees.

“The most effective and outcome-producing program I have seen!”
John G. Locke, The Mystic Media Group Company


Webinars can be challenging. They take lots of time. It’s hard to figure out where to start. Who knows what works and what doesn’t. Money is spent on traffic. Attendees don’t stick around on your webinar. Attendees don’t convert. It’s frustrating, costly and can kill a business!

If you want solutions to those and to sell more products and book more strategy sessions with webinars, this is for you! You can immediately build a successful webinar even of if you have never given a webinar in your life or you currently have a webinar that is failing. Before I tell you about the solution though, let me give you…

Two Cautions!

I want to warn you about two things: I have never worked on gambling webinars so if you have a need for a gambling webinar, this is not for you. I simply have no experience with gambling webinars and no track record. 

Secondly, this course takes effort. You will need to work in order to create a successful webinar. This training works like crazy for me and many of my students. However, if you do nothing, you will get nothing. I know that is obvious, but I wanted to spell it out so there is no misunderstanding it!

And yes, I’m going to take you by the hand and walk you through step-by-step, but you need to actually do something in order to be a success. Big surprise right? Now, if you are cool with that, then let me show you…

How the WPB™ Started and Why it’s Changed Everything About Creating Successful Webinars

My name is Geoff Ronning. I’m the co-founder of StealthSeminar. In the role, I have a front row seat and advisory role to webinars that are running around the world, day after day, hour after hour.

In fact, I have observed over 30 million webinar attendees. All different types of products, services and strategy sessions offered via webinars (except gambling) across a broad range of geographic locations around the world. Do you know what you can learn when you observe all that? Do you know what reveals itself when you have that data?

This is like if you set up the slot machines in a Casino and knew what one was going to pay off, when. How easy would it be to win? This is the same way. I see behind the scenes and have the data to see what is working right now with webinars!

That data has given me insight and knowledge that no one has. And that data allowed me to create a formula for webinars that is highly successful. I use this webinar blueprint for myself as well as with all my private clients!  I have put all that knowledge into the Webinar Prosperity Blueprint™ (WPB™). This blueprint is always evolving based on the latest data I see. So if you are interested, let me tell you…


How the Webinar Prosperity Blueprint™ Works to Build You a High Converting Lead and Sales Webinar

This is a step-by-step training course that will immediately have you building ultra-persuasive, high-retention rate, high-converting webinars!

This is a much different course than you have ever seen before because this work is all based on what I’m observing that is working today with webinars. This is continually updated so you are getting exactly what I’m using myself. When you invest in this training, you work in concise steps (no wasted time) to build your webinar layer upon persuasive layer.

In fact, here is just a bit of what you are learning with the Webinar Prosperity Blueprint™ Training:

  • Benchmarking your webinar future so that you know before you even start, if you will be a financial success or not! (Module 1)
  • How to get consistent sales and conversions, even if you have failed in the past with automated webinars.
  • What you must never do in the first 10 minutes if you want to develop trust with your attendees.
  • Why running live webinars first never works as well as building your automated webinar from the get go!
  • How to say goodbye to webinar planning indecision.
  • No more technical issues!
  • How to immediately build your authority (the right way) so your attendees trust every word you say!
  • How to make people stay for your full webinar so they hear your full pitch (even if your presentation stinks).
  • What you should never do on an automated webinar, unless you want to kill your sales and lead flow.
  • You need beautiful slides, right? Wrong!
  • You need a scripted presentation, right? Nope! In fact, that is likely the worst thing you can have!
  • How to tap into human nature to biologically compel you’re attendees to buy (even if they have no intention of buying).
  • How to be a charismatic expert, even when self-conscious and uncertain.
  • The shocking thing no one addresses (or even thinks about) on webinars that cost them big sales and conversions. (Module 2)
  • How to eliminate performance nerves, even if you’ve never given a webinar.
  • What to do if people show up to your webinars but don’t buy (it’s likely not offer replays!)
  • The one simple thing to do on your webinars, that almost no one does that will generate significant additional profits!
  • How to get your webinar attendees pre-disposed to give you money (so your pitch is almost irrelevant).

  • How to install beliefs into your webinar attendees without their awareness so that the  purchase is (seemingly) their own idea.
  • The 4 ways you must communicate on your webinar if you want to insert needs into your attendees mind (so it cannot be rejected and will be happily accepted so that the sale is the natural progression).
  • How to obliterate objections so when your offer comes, attendees have no hesitation to hit the buy button.
  • The hidden webinar profit booster: The FBS! If you fail here, you’re leaving more money on the table than you are picking up.
  • The Kill Shot! The missing element in 99% of the webinars I have critiqued (to their painful detriment!).
  • The 32 Step Webinar Prosperity Blueprint Formula.
  • How to create high converting slides (yourself) that generate the dollars!
  • Power strategies to wring out even more profit with each webinar play!
  • Professional slide tricks that anyone can do that makes your webinar attendees see you as an expert.
  • How to get lively interaction on your automated webinar (without you or staff physically being there).
  • How to easily record your webinar like a pro (even if you are shy and nervous).
  • The secret six components of a pro presentation (you can do these even if you are a complete beginner).
  • The step by step way I record every webinar to maximize my profits.
  • How to edit your final file for the best automation results.
  • The 7 Step High Converting Webinar Page that puts more people on every webinar (so you get more sales and leads).
  • How you can pack your webinars without spending a penny, because without attendees, it’s all for naught.
  • Generating big webinar traffic via facebook (even if you have tried and failed in the past).


Yes, that is a lot of profitable webinar training. And it’s stuff that no one else can teach you because no one has the insiders knowledge I do. No one has worked on or seen as many webinars as I have. No one has analyzed over 30 million webinar attendees results like I have. And this is even…

Designed for Beginners and Non-Tech People

Stuff is hard enough without having to become a tech wizard on top of everything else. I’m no tech expert and I don’t want to become one. With these slides I can knock out a webinar in no time. You will be doing the same.

You will be using the same Webinar Prosperity Blueprint™ Template that I use. The one that I have spent years developing. The one that has been evolving and generating sales day in and day out, around the clock.

What You Get to Create Successful WPB™ Webinars…

You are getting 10 modules that walk you through the entire WPB™ proprietary process to build your webinar. That is presented online in 25 video lessons. That makes it easy for you to build your successful webinar, even if you have never, given a webinar in your life.

You also get downloadable support materials that take you step-by-step through the process so you don’t miss a thing.

Everything is delivered at once (no drip) so you can go through the training as fast as you like with no delay. You work at your own pace. It’s all there immediately.

From the moment you get started on your WPB™ (Webinar Prosperity Blueprint™) you will be clear on the direction you are headed and feel confident about your webinar (s). You will be amazed at the persuasive nature of your webinar. By Module 2, you will recognize how influential your webinar will be and by Module 3, you will see exactly how your attendees will be stuck like glue until the end of your webinar so that your conversions soar to lock in strategy calls and/ or sell products and services.

And then, when you are finished with your own WPB™ Webinar, you will feel great watching the leads and sales roll in. Day after day. Week after week. You will feel terrific having the success and security with your own WPB™ Webinars. And it gets even better because…

The Most Important Thing for Any WPB™ Student…

The thing that is most valuable for you as a webinar presenter is the value in crafting a high value, persuasive, high stick rate webinar – a webinar that converts and generates leads and sales for your business.  And so the real value of this WPB™ training is that I’m going to give you the most priceless skill set you have: the ability to create your own profitable webinars. At the end of this training, you will have the skill set to use in any niche, at any time, anywhere. When you have the ability to craft successful webinars, that gives you freedom that very few people will ever have in their life.

The WPB™ Investment

When I offered the in person, live WPB™ training, the lowest price it was offered was $5,000.00. 

The challenge with that pricing was that a lot of people who needed the training could not afford it. If people were just getting started or struggling, they simply could not afford to invest in the training. Continually people reached out to me for a solution that would be less expensive.

With that in mind, I have decided to offer an online version of the Webinar Prosperity Blueprint™ training. I want to make it so that everyone can afford this training and have success with webinars – even if you are just starting out in your business or currently struggling.

I have lowered the previously lowest price offer of $5000.00 to just $2995.00 for this home study version but to make it even more affordable for those just getting started, I’m now reducing this to just $1495.00.

You can make that back from your first automated webinar.


Dr Ed Kondrot

What Our Clients Are Saying…

Here is what to do next…

Click the button below to sign up for this course. You will instantly get an email receipt as well as your login information so you can access your Webinar Prosperity Blueprint™ Training Course. You have access to the full course as soon as you purchase. We do not drip out any of the course. You can jump in and get started to get your webinar up and running as quickly as you desire.

You can be completely comfortable and confident about your investment in the Webinar Prosperity Blueprint™ because of our….

“No Questions Asked 30 Day No-Risk Guarantee”

This is a risk-free investment. If you are not absolutely 100% thrilled with your investment I don’t want your money! Just let me know within 30 days and I’ll refund every penny. I have been delivering, creating and consulting on live and automated webinars since 2008 and I know what works. This works and more importantly, will work for you as well!

Oh, one more thing…

This Discount Price is a Test so Don’t Delay

This is the only webinar training that is based on over 30 million webinar attendees. This is the most advanced webinar training available. It is also the only webinar training course that is continually updated. Right now I’m testing a big discount sale price. This test will be ended without notice so don’t delay.

Click below now to get started with the Webinar Prosperity Blueprint™

You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain. This is a limited offer so enroll today.

In your corner.

Geoff Ronning

P.S. Perhaps you are wondering…

Q: Am I getting charged 1 time or multiple times?

A: You are getting charged 1 time! You are not signing up for any recurring charge whatsoever.

Q: Why does this cost so much?

A: This is based on my lifetime of work. My experience and my access to data that no one else has.

Q: Why does this cost so little?

A: Because, as the co-founder of StealthSeminar, I know when people put on successful webinars, they stay with us forever at Stealth. Therefore, as you can see I’m creating a win-win here. I’m training you how to have successful webinars, thereby also benefiting StealthSeminar if you choose to automate your webinars on StealthSeminar. And where else would you…

Q: I’ve tried other webinar trainings and they did not help me, will yours?

A: Most of my students have tried other webinar courses and had the same experience. You will see the WPB™ training is completely different and will allow you to create successful webinars by following my step-by-step instructions.

Q: I’m brand new to webinars, what makes you think this will work for me?

A: People from all walks of life have used my training to create successful webinars. The fact you are new is great. That means you have not developed bad habits yet and can start right out of the gates creating successful webinars with the WPB™ Formula.

Q: I have been very successful with webinars, with this help me as well?

A: If you have been successful then you know how impactful webinars are. You will probably be helped the most because you know just a small tweak here and there can result in massive increases in profit. You will get those with this training.

Q: Is this training dripped out one module per week?

A: No, you get full access to all the training at once. That way you can you get your webinar running as fast as you wish.

Q: Do you have a payment plan?

A: No sorry, we do not. The reason is because it’s easy enough to put your investment on a credit cards and then make a payment to your credit card.

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