Are you frustrated with your webinar results?

Is your webinar not generating the
leads or sales it should?

Do you want a webinar that makes
attendees demand to work with you?

If so, read on!

How would it feel to have a webinar that establishes your expertise, builds
trust with your attendees and generates leads and sales daily?

I coach businesses to develop high conversion webinars to generate more leads and sales than they have ever seen before. 

If you are like many of our clients you may have tried these things in the past:


    Copied a webinar structure you have seen a guru use online.


    Tried a webinar training from a general marketing expert


    Created your own webinar based on what you would like to attend

    Received input from friends and colleagues about how to present your webinar

    …and none worked as well as it should!

    And perhaps…you have weeks or even months creating a webinar that you think is perfect, only to find a high percentage of your attendee bail off your webinar before you even make your offer…  and for those that stay, your webinar does not convert to generate the leads or to make the sales as it should.

    And all your time and effort wasted…

    If that is the case, you are in the right place because before I was the Co-Founder of StealthSeminar, I struggled with these things as well. Now,
    things are completely different.

    Based on my observation of over 30 million webinar attendees, here is what I have discovered you need to have in place: 

    • You need to immediately emotionally hook your webinar attendee so that they are compelled to stay for your entire webinar
    • You need to create trust within the first 2 minutes. Each attendee has to know in their heart of hearts, you are honest!
    • Your attendees have to come to their own conclusion YOU are the expert.
    • You must use psychological techniques so that your attendees are salivating to work with you.
    • Your attendees have to see you as NOT the best option, but the ONLY option.

    Even if no one has heard of you before,  you can generate leads and sales with webinars daily.

    If you want a webinar that is generating leads and sales day-in and day-out, and want assistance from someone that has a front-row seat and advisory role to webinars happening around the world since 2010 on our own Webinar System, StealthSeminar, click the Get Started button below to explore our coaching opportunities.

    In your corner!


    P.S. Did you skip to the P.S. like I sometimes do? Here is the short version… I offer  webinar coaching. No one on the planet has my webinar experience. I have observed over 30 million webinar attendees with all different types of products and services  on our webinar system, StealthSeminar. I invented many of the  best practices for automated webinars including the webinar schedule “Just in Time.” Click the Get Started button below to see about working together.  


    What Our Clients Are Saying…

    “The most effective and outcome-producing program I have seen!”

    – John G. Locke,, a Mystic Media Group Company

    “I invested five figures in working with Geoff Ronning and made a 300-400% positive ROI within less than a week. If you want to do Webinars that make Big $$$ – Geoff has the ‘in’ on the business. In fact, he invented the Automated Webinar model.”

    – Kevin Nations

    “I just did $99,600.00 from one webinar following your program. If I can do it, anyone can do it!”

    – Dr. Ed Kondrot

    “87% of the attendees are watching the entire webinar. (More importantly, they’re buying on the webinar!)”

    – Jody Bruns, Bruns Group LLC

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