How to Improve Your Webinar Results without Wasted Time or Money!

If you have a webinar that you want to improve or
maximize the success of, this letter is for you.

First, I have to let you know this is not for all webinars. Geoff Ronning does not work on any gambling webinars. Sorry about that. However, if you have a webinar in a different niche, then let me show you…

How to Generate Higher Conversions on Your Webinar Immediately

Geoff Ronning is the co-founder of StealthSeminar. Geoff has has had an advisory role and/ or front row seat to over 30 million webinar attendees of all different types of products, services and strategy sessions offered via webinars. Do you know what you can learn when you have the insider knowledge to all the data?

It would take a decade or more and cost you millions of dollars in driving traffic to gain that wisdom. Luckily, if you want to improve your webinar rapidly, you can now do it easily and dirt cheap. Introducing…

Webinar Wealth Fast Track Critique

  • You will receive a  full review of your webinar in real time to:  
  • Assess your webinar’s effectiveness Increase your retention rate
  • Evaluate your offer
  • Learn to handle attendee objection
  • Evaluate your hook
  • Review your slides
  • Study the content impact 
  • Learn rapport response 
  • Evaluate your perceived trustworthiness 
  • Assess your sales presentation 
  • All other aspects of your webinar will be considered


Those will all be detailed in a typed report that will immediately have impact to your webinar so that you…

  • Develop more trust
  • Overcome objections
  • Increase your stick rate
  • Generate more leads
  • Get more sales
  • Have people pre-dispositioned to convert on your webinar
  • Be more successful than ever with your webinar

All work is conducted within strict bounds of confidentiality.

Let Me Ask You

How much is the offer you make on your webinar worth to you? How much do you earn from each buyer? Think about that number.

Now, imagine this service gives you just one more buyer from your webinar per month… or one more buyer from your webinar per week… or one more buyer from your webinar per day…. How much does that generate for you per year?

Choose any of the conversion increases above (once a day, week or month) and run your personal dollar number to see what impact you can have.

Some examples for you:

$100 product =
$1200 a year with 1 extra buyer a month.
$5200 a year with 1 extra buyer per week.
$36,500 year with 1 extra buyer a day.

$1000. product =
$12,000 a year with 1 extra buyer a month.
$52,000 a year with 1 extra buyer per week.
$365,000 year with 1 extra buyer a day.

And so on…

What is your buyer worth? Plug that number into a monthly, weekly or daily increase. How many financial impact is that to your business? What is your dollar number return? If this makes no sense then don’t do this. If however, it does make sense, then let me show you…

What You Should Do Next

The cost of the Webinar Wealth Accelerator Critique is just $1250. When you compare the investment to your dollar return does this service make sense to invest in? If so, take advantage of this now.

Obviously, $1250. is nothing to sneeze about, but when you consider what this will do for you, the amount you are investing is likely one of the best investments you will make in your business all year.

And it gets even better because of 3 big benefits right now…

1) Save $250.00 on Your Webinar Wealth Fast Track Critique

We are currently offering you a discount. You can now save $250.00. The reason we are doing this is simple. We want to create a win-win. You see, when your webinar does better (like it will after this) then you do better. Which means StealthSeminar does better because you will stay with us. It’s a win-win for everyone. However, this discount will end without notice.

2) All work is personally performed by StealthSeminar
Co-Founder Geoff Ronning.

This will change in the future, however, at this time Geoff Ronning still enjoys helping you make the most successful webinar possible and helping you build assets for your business.

3) Bonus Private Phone Call with Geoff Ronning
to Maximize Your Results

Following your critique, you will receive a 30 minute phone call with Geoff Ronning to go over the written results of the critique and get all your questions answered so that you can take your webinar to the next level. This is a $250.00 value.

Time is of the essence…

With the discount and the bonuses there is no better time to sign up, do not hesitate. Let’s improve your webinar today! This is the most specific, detailed and comprehensive consulting you can get anywhere on how to improve your webinar.

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