How to Improve Your Webinar Registration Conversion Rates and Put More People on Your Webinars Immediately!

If you want a webinar registration page that converts
like crazy you are in the right place.

First though, I have to let you know this is not for all webinar registration pages. Unfortunately I don’t work on any gambling webinars. However, if you have a registration page in any other niche than gambling, I can  help you.

Immediately Boost Your Registration Page Conversions and Put More People on Your Webinars!

My name is Geoff Ronning. I’m the co-founder of StealthSeminar. I have observed over 30 million webinar attendees. That is all different types of products, services and strategy sessions offered via webinars. Over 91% of those attendees came through webinar registration pages. That gives one great insight into what works and what does not work. So let me show you…

What You are Getting when you Invest in the Webinar Registration Page Launch Pad Consultation 

You are getting 100% Geoff Ronning with this service. This is not outsourced. This is not done by a StealthSeminar employee. You are going to get all my personal attention to boost your webinar registration page conversion rate!

Here is what is going to happen after you sign up for the Webinar Registration Page Launch Pad Consultation: I’m going to schedule time on my calendar to work on your Webinar Registration Page. At that time I will go into my office. I’m going to turn off all distractions – phones, Skype, FaceTime, etc.

Then I’m going to put on ambient music that puts me in a creative, relaxed state. That focuses me into the most productive way possible. I’m then going to center all my attention on your webinar registration page.

I’m going to start at the top, then work my way down. I’m going to review:

  • Each word
  • Each image
  • Each element
  • Each emotion that pours off the page

I’m then going to take physical notes that will launch your conversation rates sky high.

A day later, your page will then be revisited in the same way.

The results will be analyzed on Day 3. If I feel I need to revisit things, then I will follow the same process the following day. And the day after that, and the day after that, until I’m sure I’m done.

Those notes will then be delivered to you via a video I record for you. I will verbally explain to you how to increase your registration page conversions and create the launch pad you need to improved webinar performance.

This video is done with no fluff! I’m not going to ramble on. I’m not going to edit in a long prerecorded preamble to make you feel like you got more for your money because the length of the video is longer.

That just wastes your time and of course, your results are not based on how long the video is. Your results are tied to your return on investment.

Most of the videos I do for the Webinar Registration Page Launch Pad Consultation are between 25 minutes to 45 minutes. This is about quality, not quantity.

After you receive your Webinar Registration Page Launch Pad Consultation Video you will:

  • Convert more attendees
  • Increase attendance rates to your webinar
  • Boost your trust with visitors
  • Have instant authority
  • Be a natural magnet to your market

That is a lot of benefits you are going to get that no one else can give you because no one else has observed over 30 million webinar attendees like I have.

Here is what is Next

The cost of the Webinar Registration Page Launch Pad Consultation is just $795.00. When you order you will get back an email receipt. You will then provide us with your Webinar Registration Page URL, and the process of getting your page conversions up will begin.

Obviously, $795.00 is nothing to sneeze at, but when you consider what this will do for you, it’s a minuscule amount.

And it gets even better because right now…

Now: Save $200.00 on Your Webinar
Registration Page Launch Pad Consultation

We are currently offering you a discount. You can now save $200.00. Why are we doing that? We’ll the reason is simple. We want to create a win-win. You see, when your webinar registration page does better, your webinars do better, then you make more money.

Which means StealthSeminar does better because you will stay with StealthSeminar. It’s a win-win
for everyone.

Order Now. Don’t Delay because…

I will not be doing these critiques myself much longer. My time is getting busier and busier with other activities.

The $200 discount won’t be around forever. It will end without notice.

If you want to convert more people to register, order today. You are getting valuable, meaty, profitable detailed consultation on how to improve your registration page conversations which naturally leads to more people on your webinar and more people buying your stuff. All of that at a ridiculously low price.

I’m in your corner!

Geoff Ronning

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