Would you like One of the Most Knowledgeable
Webinar Experts to Take Help you Build
a Wildly (more) Profitable Webinar?

Follow my directions, work with me, and you will be
selling more than ever, like clockwork. I guarantee it.

Dear Colleague,

Are you frustrated with your current webinar success? Are you having trouble getting started with webinars? If you started with webinars, did you think you would be further along than you are now?

If so, what is specifically holding you back from having all the success you desire and deserve?

Is it that you are not taking steps to implement? You know what to do… You know how to do it… You are just not doing it? Is that it?

Or perhaps you have implemented things, but for one reason or another you are not getting the results you desire?

Or perhaps you are just not sure what the issue is.

Have you ever wished that you had someone that you could get instant answers from? Someone helping you that has been-there-and-done-that? Someone that can help you, motivate you,  even guide you through struggles? Someone that knows exactly what you should do and takes you by the hand to achieve your goals?

That is exactly what my brand new Webinar Coaching Program will do for you. And I’m so confident my program can solve these types of issues.  I’m backing it up with a big, double guarantee. You have to succeed or you pay nothing.

First, two questions, if I may…

1. Have you ever sat down and considered how much money you could lose by not maximizing your success with your webinars?

As you probably know, webinars are the most powerful form of sales communication online today. To not take full advantage of that would be a shame.

My second question…

2. Do you want to create a powerful new webinar or add fuel to a current webinar that:

  • Grabs attention like none other?
  • Locks the attendees to your presentation like glue until the end?
  • Instantly develops rapport so your attendees trust and like you?
  • Converts like crazy with even cold prospects?
  • Generates profits day-in and day-out?

If so, my “Geoff Ronning Live Coaching Program” maybe right for you…

This is your personal invitation to participate in an exciting experience with me, Geoff Ronning, the Co-Founder of StealthSeminar.com. But I must warn you: This coaching program may not be right for you. It’s certainly not for everyone.

I have been giving paid presentations my entire life. As a professional stage hypnotist I have worked under all conditions and presented to people from all walks of life. My largest presentation was to a group of over 25,000 people. Then in 2008 I started to deliver events online.

Through my extensive online experience and my past knowledge I created a proprietary blueprint to build profitable webinars utilizing my marketing, performance, hypnosis and NLP (Neuro Linguistics Programming) knowledge. This blueprint has been refined for years, and I’m always sharpening and fine-tuning it.

In addition, as I mentioned, I’m one of the Co-Founders of StealthSeminar.com. In fact, I commissioned StealthSeminar.com to be built for me – personally.

I never intended offering it to others.

It was made for my use — personally.  StealthSeminar.com runs thousands of people through webinars each day.

If YOU were in my position . . .

– You would see the best webinars
– You would see the worst webinars

You would know

Who is driving the highest traffic
– Who is getting best attendance rate
– Who is keeping people on the webinar longest
– Which webinars are converting the best

Obviously, there is a lot to learn when you have my perspective. You would get the inside secrets of what is working RIGHT NOW!

As you may guess, some people are doing spectacularly. Some people are doing awful.

Based on what I have learned from that unique StealthSeminar.com “back curtain” view and from knowledge of marketing, hypnosis and NLP, I know how to maximize your webinars profits. I will help you get the highest conversion possible on your webinar (s).

Regardless of if your webinar is for:

  • Sales
  • Education
  • Charity
  • Lead generation
  • Qualify leads
  • Book strategy sessions
  • Etc.

You have some sort of conversion you are seeking. Do you want that improved?

If so…

I will hand you my proprietary process. I will take you step-by-step and help you create your event, and answer any questions you have. I will lay out the red carpet and give you direction. I will push, cajole and see to it that your webinar is as powerful as possible. I will be your secret key to success.

Maybe You Currently Have a Webinar and Want to Sharpen it Up?

Think about how much more you would generate if my personal assistance was available to you? If you and I were working together on your webinar? Lets say I added an extra 25% to your current webinar numbers? Even an extra 19%? Or how about a measly 15%?

Yes indeed, if you currently have a webinar running, you may get the biggest boost from our work together. We will sharpen it up to a fine point. We will take it to heights you never thought possible. That way you can rely on it to generate income from you day and night. On autopilot.

Few Things in the World…

There are few things in the world more rewarding than having a successful webinar achieve your goals.

  • Maybe for you, that is prospects hand delivered to you.
  • Maybe that is more deposits into your bank account.
  • Perhaps strategy sessions booked. 
  • Appointments generated.
  • Prospects qualified.
  • Maybe it is more impact to improve someone’s life. Regardless, there are few things in life more satisfying than knowing you have an automated webinar reaching your goals day-in and day-out. I know. I have em.’

Here is the thing…maybe you have thought yes, I need to create or improve my webinar but where would I start?

– What would the best structure be to develop rapport with my attendees?

– How would I layout the presentation to be the most profitable?

– How can I obliterate objections?

– How can I make sure my pricing is right where it should be?

– How can I be sure that I’m maximizing my conversions?

– How do I avoid looking sleazy and yet sell the maximum amount

And much more…

To help you with those and many more issues, challenges and questions, I have created a personal, interactive coaching program. It is called the “Geoff Ronning Webinar Coaching Program.” But there are a few requirements.

Not for Everyone – Requirements to be a Success with Webinars

Remember earlier? I told you this is not for everyone. Regardless of if you get my personal attention or not, there are a few things you have to be willing to do in order to be as successful as possible with webinars. Those are as follows:

1) You have to know exactly what you are going to do and say to get your webinar attendees to take action. This is not hard, but it must be the foundation of your webinar, prior to anything else. That’s right, you can do this prior to your first webinar if you know how.

If you miss this step, your webinar is not going to be as strong as it can be. And I’m not talking about features versus benefits or what keeps people awake at night. I’m talking about much deeper stuff than that. Miss it and you will never maximize your profits.

2)  You must be willing to work to create your webinar.

Is it hard? No.

Is it complex? No.

However, there is work involved.

The cool thing is that that work can pay you for years because you can automate the webinar and play it as frequently as you like.

If you are willing to do these things, then I can help you. If not, I cannot. You should know

Due to the Personal Interaction with Students, I Have a Limit of 6 Students Per Week

Since we will be working together, side-by-side on your webinar, I limit myself to accepting only six students per week. This keeps it ultra personal so you get the attention you need to create the most profitable webinar possible; so you can create an asset that you will be profiting from for years to come.

Here is How this Works: The Course Details

Week One:

You will understand more what drives your webinar attendees than 98% of those giving webinars. You will understand what makes your attendees tick better than they know themselves. This is not the typical “what keeps em’ up at night” stuff. This is what drives them. This is what they are hardwired to respond to. What they will take action to get RIGHT NOW.  What they will walk across broken glass to avoid.

We will:

– Apply my proprietary process to get deep insight to your webinar attendees
– Be knowledgeable about what will influence your webinar attendees behavior
– Identify the primary drivers
– Discover their objections to conversion
– Create your webinar attendees “Fast Path to Action Now” Strategy

Video Training Program will be given to you on Monday. Attend at your convenience.
Live Coaching call with Geoff Ronning on Thursday @ 12:00 PM Pacific.

Week Two:

You will uncover additional psychological power points and discover the compelling content that will create your  profitable presentation. Including…

Create Attention Grabbing opening
– Generate your compelling content presentation points
– Lock-your-attendees-in for your entire event
Blueprint the secret two sessions to higher sales
– Create your “greased skid” transition
– Create your high converting presentation without being scummy or underhanded

Video Training Program will be given to you on Monday. Attend at your convenience.
Live Coaching call with Geoff Ronning on Thursday @ 12:00 PM Pacific.

Week Three:

Create the high closing webinar, final preparation and recording your Webinar.

Craft your profitable closing
Add your most powerful bonuses
Sprinkle in power boosting conversion tricks
Final presentation polish
Final webinar review
You will record your PERPETUAL profit generating webinar

Video Training Program will be given to you on Monday. Attend at your convenience.
Live Coaching call with Geoff Ronning on Thursday @ 12:00 PM Pacific.

Week Four:

Final steps to unleashing your profitable webinar and the celebration

Setting up the most profitable webinar
Adding interaction
Testing for maximum conversion
Tips and tricks to fast, efficient success
Banking HIGHER, FASTER, EASIER dollars from your webinars

Video Training Program will be given to you on Monday. Attend at your convenience.
Live Coaching call with Geoff Ronning on Thursday @ 12:00 PM Pacific.

Let’s consider your investment

One Good Webinar Will Generate Income Like Clockwork, for as long as You Run It.

All you need one good webinar and you can write your own ticket. Lets say you have one webinar that is offering an inexpensive $197.00 product. If you put that webinar into an automated webinar system, like my StealthSeminar.com, and it only sells 6 pieces a day, that is over $8,000.00 a week.

— Over $8,000.00 a week automated.

— Lets say your product is half that price. Lets say it is $97.00.

— That would still be over $4,000.00 a week. Automated.

— No follow up. No nothing. Just one measly webinar running… on it’s own. Without you touching it.

— What if you had that 4K webinar running for only 1 year. That is 208K. In the first year.

Your Investment

My private consulting rate is $6000.00 a day in person. That is here in Arizona for a one-on-one-consulting 8 hour day. During this 4-week coaching program we will work together remotely for 5 hours.

Plus you will get four foundational trainings of my latest teachings via video (those are valued at $400.00 per session).

That is a total of $1600.00 in video tutorials and $3750.00 in personal attention for a total of $5350.00 in value.

If we just considered those costs that would be $5350.00 for the coaching program. And that would be a deal because you need not come to Arizona, invest in travel expenses, etc.. However for this program, I’m going to drop the price to an unbelievable special rate. I can do so…

Because I’m a Co-Founder of StealthSeminar.com I Can Give You a Big Discount

As the Co-Founder of StealthSeminar.com it behooves me to help you make your webinars as successful as possible. You see, I know once your webinar is as successful as possible, you will (or are) a customer forever. No one cancels when their webinar was generating income on a daily basis.

You will be the same.

Therefore, for my live coaching program. The price is not $5350.00.

It is not 4995.00.

It is not 4795.00.

It is not $3999.00

It is not $3495.00

For all this, my complete “Geoff Ronning webinar coaching program” the fee is just $2495.00 for the 4-week program.

Double Guaranteed – No Risk to You

In fact, I’m so sure that this training can help you break out and make an extra $50,000.00, $100,000.00 or more—I will give you a DOUBLE GUARANTEE. If during in of our coaching program you feel this is not right for you, request a refund and you will get 100% returned. Secondly, if after completing this program, anytime in the first 60 days of your investment and putting your webinar into play, you are not ecstatic with the webinar created, I will refund 100% of your money. I take all the risk.  You have no risk.

Limited Time Extra Bonus: Three Private Sessions

During this limited time offer, you will also receive three 15-minute certificates to use as you desire for private consulting. This alone is a $375.00 value. Sign up today. Get started now. You have no risk and everything to gain.

Do You Want Success?

Do you want success? If so, I look forward to working with you personally to help you grow your webinar business. I cannot wait to watch you grow. I look forward to hearing of your success. To seeing your results.

Go ahead and sign up today while I’m offering this special. I will be with you every step of the way to guide you to success.

Candidly, the minute this coaching starts to bore me, I will discontinue this  program. If you want to work with me. Now is the time. Get started today.


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P.S. Sign up right now you get a $5350.00 dollar value and $375.00 bonus value for a total of $5775.00 value. All for just $2495.00.  No risk investment. You cannot lose.

P.P.S. Here are a few questions I anticipate some of you may have:

Q: Will I be working with Geoff Ronning himself or an underling?

A:  You will be working with me direct on the private sessions as well as the group coaching calls. No underlings whatsoever. You get me for better or worse. 🙂

Q: What if I cannot make the group coaching calls?

A: If you cannot make the group coaching calls you can email your questions in and I will answer them for you on the coaching calls. That way you get your answers but don’t have to be on the phone call.

Q: What software do I need in order to maximize my success with your coaching program?

A: You need the ability to make slides and record your computer desktop. There are a number of free slide software as well as free recording software. In addition, many people already have a PowerPoint, Keynote or Open Office software on their computer for slides. For recording many already have Screenflow, Camtasia, etc.

Q: What if I want to make two or three webinars?

A: You need to pay me two or three times. Just kidding. You will have my proprietary process to duplicate as many times as you desire. I urge you create as many webinars as you like. Each one is an asset for your future.