Ironic that in order to achieve your dreams you first have to wake up…

I was speaking to a client. I asked him what he wanted to accomplish in the next 30 days. He replied he was unsure.

Wake up! I told him. 

A friend of mine asked me how he could be more successful.

Wake up. I told him. 

Earlier this year I was feeling unmotivated, unispired. 

My wife told me: Wake up!

I deal with people on an almost daily basis who are sleep walking through life. They  are uncertain of what they want. They are living uninspired lives. They are lacking motivation. 

I see it more and more.

Let me ask you: Are you awake?  Are you motivated? Are you living an inspired life?

If you don’t immediately give an affirmative answer, you are sleep walking.

Wake yourself up. Identify something that you are passionate about. Find a way to motivate yourself. Choose a reward that tantalizes you.

What worked for me most recently was to schedule a private yacht charter with my family. To wake yourself up it does not have to be anything that extravagant. Then again, there is no reason it shouldn’t be.

There is no limits to the money you can earn. Money is infinite, there is an unlimited supply waiting to be attracted to the smart worker. Not the hard worker, not the lazy worker, the smart worker.

Wake up! Top-of-the-morning to you. Snap open our eyes. Take a deep break. Laugh. Smile. Sing. Achieve.

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