Everyone needs a list. Without a list you don’t have prospects, and that means you don’t have clients. That translates into no business. Here is a simple way to build your list that also has a great side benefit; it will pre-dispose your list to also make purchases from you. Nice, huh? Lets get started.

List Building Defined

List building simply means you are gathering potential prospects. Many people are good at list building. I talk to them all day and they tell me how many zillions of people they have on their list. Of course, when you question how many are buyers are on the list, the number is just a miniscule sliver of the full list size.

I don’t like to do regular list building. I like to do Profitable List Building.

Profitable List Building Defined

Profitable list building means that you are attracting qualified, quality prospects that will give you money. I will get more into that a bit later.

The Formula

Here is the exact formula I use. It is the most powerful way to build a list.

1) Determine Target Market You want to Reach

Who are they? Where are they? Are they male, female? Young or old? Sophisticated or unsophisticated? What other interests does the potential person on your list have?

2) Consider where you can find this Target Market

Perhaps you can find this target group of individuals in an association, or maybe in a Yahoo Group, on Facebook or perhaps with a JV with someone who already has the list. The internet is a pretty big place. I have no doubt, that even the slimmest, most specialized group of individuals can be easily found. Once you have this you move onto…

3) Determine How to Provide Value to Target Market

What does this group of people want to know? How can you best help this group achieve their goals? Make a list of 10 topics that would be important to this group. Then prioritize your list. Take the top three and outline the content step by step. That will be your content. Now it is time to…

4) Create a Webinar that will Attract & Provide Tremendous Value

Here is the key about the webinar: it has to be a quality webinar that both entertains and provides value. I personally follow my Successinar Formula. Or my more advanced version of that in my Ultimate Webinar Coaching and in my full service webinar creation business. However you create the webinar, once it is created, all you need do is go back to step 2, and drive your target market to your webinar registration page.

Since you have created content that will be appealing, most will be interested. Plus, since you are offering a free online training (webinar) you will be shocked at how many sign up to attend your webinar. And of course, as they sign up for your webinar they also sign up for your list.


Once you spend time on the webinar (either live or automated) delivering valuable content to your webinar attendees, they will LOVE YOU and want to do something for you.


Because that is the way we are hard wired. We appreciate others who do things for us. This is called the “Law of Reciprocity.” Now those individuals feel the need to do something good for us. That is typically do business with us or what I like to call GYM (Give You Money).

Next , I will talk about the 7 different ways to monetize this simple formula.

Geoff Ronning
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