Today, 50 Shades of Grey opens in a movie theater near you. The reviews are universally poor. I have not seen it. I put very little stock in reviewers, but when the points are unanimous its probably a good sign the film has some… rough spots. And not the kind the audience is expecting.

Now admittedly, films derived from best selling books have an uphill battle to satisfy in the theater, but regardless, I see many webinars suffer from the same errors that the reviewers are all pointing out about 50 Shades of Grey. Given that, I thought this would be a valuable article for those giving webinars.

Do your webinars suffer from these 4 apparent 50 Shades of Grey mistakes:

1) No Authenticity 

During your webinar are you, YOU? I see many webinar presenters who are not. Many presenters want to be perfect and unfortunately that does not work. Sure you want to put your best foot forward, but you must be your true, authentic self. Otherwise you are not believable. And if you are not believable, no conversions for you!

2) Dull

People need to be entertained 24/7 now. Everyone is looking at their phone, watching videos and some (like my son) are even watching a video on his computer while watching a video on his ipad.

You might not be Jimmy Fallon, but for goodness sakes, make your webinar enjoyable. Throw in a little humor, fun, smile and laugh. Your webinar conversions will jump immediately.

3) Lack Passion

Are you passionate about your topic? I mean REALLY passionate? If you lack passion for your topic or audience it is best to focus on another. Your passion will be communicated in a multi-sensory manner to all attendees. And without the passion the audience will disappear fast.

4) Hollow Content

People attend your webinar to improve their lives. Providing little to no content is a fast ride to a dead end. The most important thing you can do on your webinar is deliver value. Only by helping your attendees achieve their goals, can you engender trust. And only with trust can you create a relationship with your prospects or clients.

And once you have trust with your market, everything else in your business is easy. Then it’s not a matter of if they buy, but instead when will they buy. And that leads to… And when will they buy again. And again and again.

And there is the KEY! Webinars are the most powerful way to connect, build relationships and sell your products and services. Use the above 4 easy tips and improve your webinars today. No pain required.

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