Here is a goal setting (I hate that term) process I have been doing for over 8 years now. It is a process that has had AMAZING impact in my business. Following this simple process will make your business far more financially rewarding. It will also make you much happier and will make the next 12 months fun, exciting and gratifying. Not bad for a simple process that anyone can do.

Lets get started…

The first thing to understand is that I never use the word “Goals” in my language.

Goals are things you aim for. I have destinations. Goals are things we want. Destinations are places we arrive at.  So realize the entire mindset is different. We are determining our destinations for the next twelve months. For the sake of writing I will use “goals,” but as soon as you learn this, eliminate “goals” and replace it with “destinations.” It will be more powerful for you. Now lets talk about the three-step process.

Step 1: The Groundwork

The first step of the secret formula is to give yourself multiple days to casually think about your future destinations. You do this as time allows, and you do it by turning off all other distractions. Just think about what you want to achieve in the next twelve months.

Any time you start to come up against a limiting belief (I cannot do that, etc.) you eliminate it from your mind. This is your time to dream big. No limits. No limits on your no limits. BIG. DREAM. ANYTHING.

Think about this. Write down what you want to do with your life. Make two documents: one for financial goals and one for personal goals.

On your Financial Destination Sheet put 2 things:

1) Income Goals
2) Retirement Goals

You maybe young. Screw it. Put money into your retirement. Don’t skip this step. I don’t care if it is $100.00 a month or $100K a month. Put money into retirement NOW.

On the Personal Destination Sheet put:

1. Increase Income Goals Per my Financial Goal Sheet

2. Increase retirement Savings per Financial Goal Sheet

3. Items you have that involve others in your life (i.e.: make your spouse happy, do more around the house, spend more time with child, etc.).

4. Write down your entertainment goals (i.e.: go see Miley Cyrus, etc.)

5. Things that will make you happier and healthier (i.e.: smile more, laugh more. )

6. Write down health goals (i.e.: lose x amount of weight, get more sleep, etc.)

7. Write down the amount your want to work. (i.e.: spend no more than 10 days away from home in the next 12 months, work no more than 40 hours a week, etc.).

8. Vacations you want to take. (i.e.: take family on a trip to a Montana cabin on a river, take the family to Disneyland, etc.)

Follow the above framework and write out your destinations for this year.

Now if you ONLY did the above, you would have done far more than most of the population. But you will do the above plus Step 2…

Step 2: The Secret Formula

Here is my Secret Formula:

I + O + F + B + T = SS

Here is what the formula means:

I = Inspiring

O = Opulent

F = Fun

B = Big Sky Thinking

T = Time

SS = Super Star

In Step One, you casually thought about our destinations around your other activities. You did it during your down time when possible. You eliminated your limited beliefs and have filled out two sheets of two different types of destinations for your year.

In Step Two you are going to take time to go even further. You are going to get away on a retreat and focus on nothing by the Secret Formula. This is KEY. This is where the magic happens. Lets look at magic formula in more depth

I + O + F + B + T = SS.

I = Inspiring

You are going to get away from your day-to-day responsibilities. You are going to immerse yourself in an inspiring environment. What would inspire you? Water? Desert? Trees? Mountains? Arts? Music? Whatever it is, that is where you should go.

Now maybe it is to another country or maybe it is across town. Don’t think you need to be wealthy to do this process, because you don’t. You just have to do it to the level that is appropriate for you at this time.

O = Opulent

Next you are going to put yourself into an opulent situation. Again, if you are not wealthy, that is fine. Do what level you can do at this time. Maybe right now it is an inexpensive hotel on the other side of town, and if so, that is fine. Maybe it is a chartered yacht in Spain. It makes no difference, what is key is it should be an opulent setting for YOU. Don’t skimp on this part. It impacts you big.

F = Fun

You are now in an inspiring environment. You are also in a place that is lavish (whatever that means for your financial situation). Now you must eliminate all negative energy, all distractions of a negative nature and have fun. This is the time to play – to have no rules.

Turn off the phone or at least limit any work you do. This time is far more valuable than anything you could ever do by being distracted by the day-to-day needs of your business.

Get up when you desire. Go to sleep when you desire. Do whatever you want to do. In whatever way you want to do it. Play. Act like a kid. You are in plush surroundings that inspire you. Have fun.

B = Big Sky Thinking

In this environment it is time to ponder your goal sheets. Stretch them out even more. It makes no difference what they are. As a child you had an awesome imagination – unleash that. Recapture that childhood nature and think about your destinations for the next 12 months.

T = Time

You will be getting away for as long is comfortable for you. I like five days. If you can only be gone for 2 days, so be it. Remember everyone has to start somewhere and going away for two days is far better than not at all. Regardless of how long you are gone, with the time your mind changes. You are inspired, in palatial surroundings, having fun and imaging things like a child.

What will happen is your financial destinations will stretch. You will get excited. You come up with different ideas. Different strategies. Just be. No pressure. Just follow the process and trust it.

Step 3: The Reward

At about at the mid-way point of your retreat start to write down how you will reach your destinations. So if you are going away for 2 days, it would be after one day, if you are going away for 5 days, it will be about 2-3 days in. Start simple: basic ideas, strategies, and tactics. Nothing heavy. Continue in the same mindset of having fun and being inspired.

As the time goes on, refine the steps that will take you to your destinations. As you get closer to the end of your retreat your plans get more and more refined so that you have mapped out, step by step how to take yourself to your destinations (achieve your goals).

SS = Super Star

When you return from the Secret Formula Retreat you will have exact directions to your destinations. You will be on your way to Super Star Status. Break everything down month by month and see to it you arrive at each milepost, each month of your year.

It’s magical.

Get started today working this Secret Formula. It will change your life and your business. I know, it’s changed mine.

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