I walked onto the dock and saw our new exquisite floating home. This yacht is where we would be spending the next 7 nights. I felt a a strange mix of pride, discomfort and gratification. I was proud we had earned it. I was a little uncomfortable because this is such an extravagant expense. But, I was very gratified we were doing it.

It reminded me of when I first started using a hotel bellman. As a humble kid growing up, bellman and mega yachts were for someone else.

Did you ever accomplish something you thought you never would? Did you ever feel that pride inside? Did you ever want to cry because you accomplished more than anyone ever expected you to?

That is what I’m experiencing.

And while the yacht is what we will be on, the real pride and satisfaction comes from spending time with my loved ones. Being able to give the family amazing experiences.

One of those experiences was suppose to be a surprise.

I wanted to renew my wedding vows with my wife. I wanted our 8 year old son Riddick to be a part of it.

I jumped straight into planning it. I talked to my friends. I spoke to the charter broker. I planned things with the head stewardess on the yacht. Then a month before the we took off my wife turned to me and said, “We should renew our vows.”


What could I do? I saw a few directions I could go:

1) Tell her I’m already planning it and ruin the surprise.

2) Say no and then surprise her later… but then she would think I was a jerk for blowing her off.

So I did the third thing that came to mind. I gave her a confused look and tilted my head. I learned that from my dog. It bought me some time to figure things out.

Later that evening I decided to come clean. I told her that I was already planning to renew our vows. Of course, by then it was too late. She did not believe me. She thought I was just jumping on board since she mentioned it. Luckily for me, I had the emails and communication to prove that I was planning it.

So as I was walking down the do to our first class home a few days ago, I was looking forward to spending time with my loved ones and friends. I was also looking forward to expressing my love and appreciation to the woman to whom without, none of this would ever be possible, Wendy.

Today (Thursday, June 13, 2013) we will be renewing our vows on an isolated beach on Anguilla. This beach is only reachable by boat. It should be awesome.

Do you have someone special in your life? Partner? Spouse? Family member? I bet you do. I wish you and your loved ones a long life and wonderful days.

Climb aboard. It’s time to head out to the warm crystal blue waters and celebrate. I will meet you starboard.

Geoff Ronning
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