What an awesome LIVE event we had. It was a tremendous event. I was extremely happy with the way it went. It was wonderful to meet the attendees and work on a new webinar for their individual businesses. 

The Event

We had a total of 5 attendees representing 4 business. That was perfect size. We worked hard and had fun.

Dollar Goals by Business

Here is the new income stream each business wanted to add to their monthly income with the work we did during our 3 days: 

  • 20K Monthly for biz #1
  • 50K Monthly for biz #2
  • 100K Monthly for biz #3
  • 7 Figures Monthly for biz #4

My webinar model is as strong as it gets. I always go as conservative as possible, so we plan for the worst and expect the best. Having said that,  based on the metrics we analyzed for each person,  I see no problem with each business accomplishing their above goals with the webinars, tracking and traffic plan they now have.

And not only reaching the above dollars –  exceeding them 

Yes we DID WORK!

Nothing theoretical. 


So not only did they learn the process, but they applied the process.

And that for me, that is a KILLER training.  Together, we worked, applied and built the webinar that will reach their desired dollars. 


Hey you know what else? The attendees asked me if they could give me a testimonial. So obviously, I could not be rude and turn them down. You can see their comments about the training below. Thanks so much for doing that everyone. You really made my day.

My Thoughts

Overall, I’m very happy with my first Live 3 Day Webinar Training. I have done a lot of other types of live trainings but never a Webinar Live Training. I have done lots of virtual webinar trainings, tons of webinar consulting and worked one-on-one, but this was the first group 3 day Live Webinar Training. I loved it.  Over the next few days I will review how I can tweak and adjust so I’m continually growing. However, most importantly, I look forward to hearing from the attendees that, YES, indeed, their goals are not only met, but exceeded. 

I have no doubt that we will reach their goals. And for me personally that means that in those three days I added millions of dollars in revenue for those businesses. That is really satisfying to know. 

Thanks all to the attendees. I know it was a lot of work, however, you only do it one time and runs automated, generating dollars for you, for as long as you desire. Thank you for attending and honoring me by allowing me to have a small part of  your life and business. 


Geoff Ronning


Geoff Ronning
Webinar Authority at GeoffRonning.com
Co-Founder of StealthSeminar.com, Geoff Ronning has observed over 7 million webinar attendees and can help you create a webinar that will provide tremendous value for your attendees and reach your conversion goals.
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