Is it possible your webinar is not helping your sales, but actually hurting them?

Yep. Absolutely. 

Especially if you are modeling another webinar that is unsuccessful.

It is important to keep in mind that just because you are using the strongest sales tool possible does not mean you are using it correctly. Here are four problems I see repeatedly with webinars that kill sales. 

Problem #1: “Where’s the beef?”

I’m dating myself a bit. But there’s a classic Wendy’s commercial where an elderly woman stares at a competitors tiny burger and says that line. The commercial became a marketing sensation for obvious comedic reasons. But the message is important. When your customers view your webinar, they should learn something. They should walk away with a set of next steps to take, new goals to reach, and measurable ways to gauge their success. That’s value. If you have ever sat through a presentation and felt like you just wasted your time, then you know what I’m talking about. Make sure you have clear takeaways, which can include tips for which marketing tools work best, best practices, and includes easy to understand data that backs up your points.

Problem #2: You try to sneak in the sales pitch

How many times have you been listening to someone talk about something that will improve your life, and suddenly they pivot into a sales pitch, or try to sneak it in.

It is a BIG issue. 

You can usually see it coming a mile off because the presenter starts talking different, their tone changes, you can sense their discomfort and the trust goes out the window.

If you are going to make an offer on your webinar, SAY IT. Make it a BENEFIT, not a secret. 

Be confident that your product or service will be so valuable that people will want to buy it – not get fooled into it. For example, at the beginning of your presentation you can simply say: “At the end of this webinar I’m going to make you a special offer, but regardless of if  you take the offer or not you will find tremendous value on this webinar.” You will get much more respect and credibility by being up front. Then you won’t have to worry about feeling uncomfortable or about the reaction from folks who feel like you tried to sneak in the sale.

Problem #3: You’re trying too hard

Remember when you had a crush in junior high, and you tried sooo hard to woo the girl or boy in your class? Sometimes that didn’t work out so well because you spent too much time trying to prove yourself – instead of just being yourself. A big rule of successful webinars is “be authentic”. 

Problem #4: You aren’t focused on delivering value

Sales are cool, but your real focus has to be on how to solve a problem for people, otherwise they aren’t going to go the next step to your valuable product or service. Focus on improving the webinar attendees situation and the sale will occur naturally. It will happen as a result of what they have already received, not of your promises of the future.

Quick Review

So go back and review your webinars. Look for these four problems I see repeatedly. If any of these four situations occur in your webinars, there is a huge area of opportunity for your business.

The coolest part about that opportunity is you already have the product or service. You are just simply updating the webinar to instantly leverage that current asset.

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