The first step to success with webinars is getting people to register. One of the most powerful techniques to get someone to register is to use a video on your registration page. Follow my 7 Step webinar registration video formula below and register more people starting today.

The Typical Scenario

Far too little time is spent on the typical webinar registration page. For many, the registration page is nothing more than an afterthought. The webinar presentation planning itself typically runs way over. People are dashing around trying to cobble a webinar registration page together. They do it with some quick copy they slam out, then they are surprised when it does not register as many people as it should. The fact of the matter is that if someone does not register for your webinar, everything else that you have worked on in the webinar is for nothing.

Follow this formula and register more people to maximize your webinar success.

Step 1: Get Attention

Your webinar registration should be fun. It should be light. No pressure. As you begin your webinar video you should pause for 2-3 seconds and smile. This will grab the attention of your viewer. You are sharing your personality. Don’t do anything else. This first step is paramount.

Step 2: Pleased to Meet Me

After step 1, you introduce yourself to your viewer. Share a quick interesting aspect of your personality as it relates to your webinar

Example (for musician webinar): Welcome, my name is Paul. I was a rock star as a kid and now I’m going to show you how to be one.

Step 3: Don’t Read Any Further, Just to Increase Your Income

Takeaway selling is the most powerful selling in the world. It is what causes people to line up at Apple Stores for the latest product, makes people run store to store for the hottest (mostly out of stock) toy each Holiday Season and propels people to pay hefty fees for limited edition products. When people have trouble getting something, they invariably want it more.

You should immediately make it clear on your webinar registration page why someone should not register. This can be for any number of reasons, just so long as you have a reason. Here are a few examples:

  • Don’t register for this webinar just to keep someone else from getting a spot…
  • Don’t register for this webinar just to get this bonus…
  • Don’t register for this webinar just because you have an desire to learn all I know about…

Step 4: Appeal to the Only Thing that Matters

The only thing that matters to your prospects is their self-interest. That’s it. Nothing else. In your webinar registration video give the top 3 things that your attendee will learn on your webinar, and those three things must be the most compelling content your attendees desire.

Step 5: Direct Desired Action

Psychology keys us insight into human behavior. Only by directing our desired actions, can we expect people to take the desired action.

We must spell it out. Simply.

Always end your video by specifically telling your webinar registration visitor exactly what you want him to do. Here are some examples:

  • Register below by entering your name and email now.
  • Enter your name and email in the field below, then click register
  • Enter your information below, then click the register button and receive your webinar notes immediately.

Step 6: Freeze

Whenever you ask for action, the best thing you can do is give the other party time to respond. Freeze on video.

Step 7: Overcome Objections

There are always objections to everything. If you don’t address them, they won’t get resolved and your registrations will be less than they should be.

Here is specifically how to do Step 7: List the 10 reasons someone would not register for your webinar. Then prioritize those. Start at the top and address the top 3-5 objections in your video. After you freeze for 10-15 seconds, start to mull over why someone may not register. As the video rolls, mull it over and then address it. Then ask for action again and freeze.

Repeat this process for 3-5 of the top objections.

Simple, Profitable, Fun

So next time you are rushing around, trying to get your webinar registration page up, pull out this 7-Step Formula and whip out a Webinar Registration Page. It will allow your prospects a little insight into who you are, give them reasons to attend and improve your conversions. That is the beginning of all webinar success.

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