At this time of year I wish you a joyous, safe, Happy Holiday. Here is something we made for you.

Steal Our Template for Your Clients

Have you told your clients and prospects Happy Holidays yet? If not,
perhaps you would like to put something like this together for them. If so
you need not make up your own dorky song, here is ours below. Use
it if you like.

Three Rules to Make it Special

1) Involve your family or loved ones (spouse, special person, child, pet, etc.).

2) Be authentic. 

3) Have fun.

Here is our song you are free to use: 

Up in the morning … Santa gets his sleigh
We love this time of year… Santa starts his deer…

We always think about you every single day. ..
We wish you were here… to spread the cheer..

We send you the best… from the bottom of our hearts.
Listen loud and clear… our love is off the charts…

We know this song is sappy… but we are really happy…
today we shout….. so loud there is no doubt…
happy holidays to you.

So for our friends around the world.

Hugs and kisses we unfurl…

Thank you all very much. We wish you a wonderful
Happy Holidays and we want to tell you how much
we care about you and how much we appreciate
you being in our lives.

Happy Holidays.

Geoff Ronning
Webinar Authority at
Co-Founder of, Geoff Ronning has observed over 7 million webinar attendees and can help you create a webinar that will provide tremendous value for your attendees and reach your conversion goals.
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