I want to share two super simple ways for you to boost your business and make you superhuman at the same time.


I have been doing this for sometime, but damn few others do. A shocking few.

In fact, by doing this, it will truly make you superhuman. Don’t believe you will be superhuman? Well lets look at the definition:

Superhuman Define Superhuman at Dictionary com

OK. That is the definition. Hold me to it later.

Here is STEP ONE….

When people buy something,  send out a physical (snail mail) thank you letter.

Yes, I know that is not like super earth-shattering, but are you doing it? Most online or offline businesses don’t. Most humans don’t send old-fashioned snail mail letters.

It’s sad, really. How hard is it to say thank you via a good old fashioned hand delivered letter?

In fact, a few months ago we chartered a yacht. The tip to the crew alone was more than many people spend on automobiles. Conceivably we should have gotten a thank you letter from:

1. Owner of Yacht
2. Crew of Yacht
3. Broker who secured the Yacht

How many thank you letters did we get?

That is right… ZIPPO. NOTHING.

And this is not unusual these days. That’s the norm. Humans don’t send thank you letters. I’m sure you have tons of examples yourself where you felt a thank you letter would have been appropriate.

Don’t be like that – be different than most of the population. Drop a letter in the mail and say thank you.


Do you sell a product that people consume online via membership site, App, Download, Etc? Chances are if you are reading this, you do.

Step two is another simple one. . . make sure people are consuming your product and are not struggling or having problems. You can do this easily by measuring:

  • Logins
  • Actions inside website
  • Actions on pages

There are a lot of ways to do this including using your membership site, security software, CRM system or simply reviewing activity/ logins/ downloads. Or if you want to get a bit more sophisticated you can use something like this Evergage or Mixpanel.

However you do it, by being proactive with your customers, being there when they need help, it will insure a better experience for your clients. That means more business for you and…

It will make your Superhuman

By simply following this article,  you are taking steps above and beyond what is the norm. Take ACTION today. It’s EASY! Do it. Be one to exceed what is the ordinary human experience.

Damn. I just realized we don’t send out a thank you letter for our webinar coaching program. That changes today.

Geoff Ronning
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