Would you like to be more successful? Of course you do.

So when’s the last time you analyzed your powers of persuasion? Sounds mystical, I know. But seriously, folks, this is important stuff. After all, perception is everything. In other words, everything you present your attendees shapes how they feel about you and your business. That’s a lot of pressure to handle. But if you focus on just five strategies that will make you more persuasive, I guarantee you will see better results for your business.

Assuming you have a good product of service, your job is to persuade. If you don’t, you’re dead in the water. But we’re not gonna let that happen. If you stick with me till the end, I’ll even give ya a bonus strategy that will put your powers at X-Men level.

Here are your 5 ways to tap your powers of persuasion…

1.) Stay focused on what’s in it for them. People put themselves first when making decisions. Don’t focus on you or irrelevant aspects of your brand. Always make sure you are telling the viewer how they will benefit from whatever you are selling.

2.) When delivering, use metaphors, examples and analogies. You have to be relatable to be persuasive. When you use examples that people can relate to, they will feel you are a human being and one of them, so to speak.

3.) Use a “yes set”. Make sure people are making an affirmative decision with you every two to three minutes. This will help you eliminate any questions that take up too much time at the end. By the time you’re done, they are already on your side.

4.) Analyze your objections to your offer so you can obliterate them when they ask. They will always ask the same questions. Humans can be pretty predictable, especially if you take notes. Write your answers down and rehearse them. It sounds silly, but you have to be ready to act – and yes, in the theatrical sense of acting.

5.) Use stories. Stories have proven a wonderful, powerful way to communicate since the time of the ancient Greeks. Just make sure you follow the three act structure with your stories. Have a strong beginning, middle, and end that reaches an end that validates the real points you’re trying to make.

Using these strategies you increase your conversions and persuade effortlessly. 

Geoff Ronning
Webinar Authority at GeoffRonning.com
Co-Founder of StealthSeminar.com, Geoff Ronning has observed over 7 million webinar attendees and can help you create a webinar that will provide tremendous value for your attendees and reach your conversion goals.
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